Monday, July 18, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Safety in Guards

"Better Be Safe Than Sorry." [from rusted 'assembly-line' fabrication machine; Holyoke, Massachusetts]

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meditation @ Lake Hill

"Pray" [relief : MTA][click image for HYPERM]
             Sit down; stand up; kneel; run in place; be still  


                                         Instead; nailed by the x,y,z
                                                 the Eastern vector
                                    go forth; multiply magnanimosity.
                                            Metro - North goes there.
                                          All Aboard.
                                                                 STEAM : 1837 

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Might we greet
the stranger
close @ hand :
Steadied by
Our Demand
What we wager 4 Peace

Tell us;
C'est Cheese [Woodstock, NY]
assume we want to know 
about the Fear
Roosevelt took
right and swift
@ Branscomb's Garden

Swing Out Sister.

Shoulder : Shoulder,
of a dog

the calming glance of a neighbor
"Something's gotta give," says the lonely cripple.

                      I remember learning : when one door closes; another opens.
                                                        Proof of Concept.
                                                   Lake Hill --- Lake Hill.

                                           Bless you --- Henrietta Mantooth.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ingenuity's Kin

"Go forth from your land, your place of birth, your dwelling, your place of bliss."

NOTE : Ascend/Descend  @ your own risk.
[Zohar : Abram, the Soul-Breath]

Waiting to Listen

On a Soho street; a hood known to the consumer elite ---
buy, buy buy
Won't you ???  Currency exchanges; conversation too.

Finally, something is said which justifies a partial smile --- though there is some doubt; trepidation in light of a dark hoodie --- 
Street cred factor : He who has the good sense to listen; is tuned into the clutter of the Other's mind; assertions; lies.
A camera's pace; perched between a shopper whose Levis bag draws attention to more than a conversation recorded.  

                                                                                  Was i villainous to have spied?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tribeca Triangulum [via Williamsburg on the 4th]

Karen / Andre
Before inter-racial mattered less; the Williamsburg painter Karen met Andre in Detroit;   
is an an urban situation ---- now requiring a man like Andre to keep his grip on the cool; the eco-nomics of brews both Miles apart from severe facts and delicious dimensions.

Their [Karen_Andre's] garden has grown impressively; green;  since our first Tribeca Triangulum  --- back in the day; when Queens met Brooklyn @ a post - era sort-of Speakaeazy.

This 'ain't no Tennessee Waltz or Glengarrie jig.

Joy in the rhythm; beat down;
but not blown apart
Miles away
u got

Andre looks up; the sound of Swing;  his programmed vibe.

Sweetly worthy; Russian chocolate[s].
My love; I taste the hope of Lenin.

Climbing to heights of Hope ---- Obama?

Lava lamps take me back to my 70[s] childhood.  Transparency; the new clarion call ---  What if your thoughts, words, actions, deeds were Green?  And you opened the door to your soul_ mind?
Yonkers, NY [ past Harlem Children's Zone] Visual Guy:  Michael Cuomo
                Swing out sisters --- listen; chew on the things worth chewin' on.
                                                  Daddy's near; no worries.

Lakeesha [with corn] / Sakira [listening]

Baby girl[s] grow; grow --- DADDY Kevin has more than juice to make the pretty; the beautiful; the inquisitive; the skeptical ---- hurry, take your swing.
Links await
Sojourner Truth
Frederick D.
Marcus G.
Charlayne Hunter Gault.

Golf anyone?

Jack Nicholson's older brother

Urban Bush woman.

"My husband will kill me, if I . . . " she asserted; in the middle of Other assertions.

Liberty's Lights @ 9 : 11 PM 2011 @ 4. 7. 2011
[Williamsburg, Brooklyn]

Neighbors get a rise.  It is hard.

Paul Revere / William Dawes Access-A- Ride.
Straddle it.  Get On ---- Proclaim:

Equal Opportinity.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Blinded by the Beauty

Ray Charles  [click here for Audio/Visual]
moves in patriot's time;
with a full-tilt orchestral assist.

Sub-titles in Hebrew?

Franklin [left], Adams, Jefferson [standing].
Were any of the "Founders" Jewish?
Well, there was Benedict Spinoza. [we *must* admit / confess / affirm the philosophical influences of Jefferson, Franklin, Adams!]

Geometric Citizens
were Spinoza's hunch;
back in the day ----
like a tree ----
rooted in the soil of Liberty.
Please Curb your appetite for immigrant intolerance.

Recommended : Spinoza's most important work:
[Ethics Demonstrated According to the Geometrical Order (Ethica ordine geometrico demonstrata)]; written during his residence near Leyden.

But all are not thoughtful, astute, slave-owning, white men sporting wigs.  There was Eleanor Roosevelt ---- who pondered much about the promise[s] of America.

So much did she ponder; so much did she *do* she is immortalized; pensively shielded by the branches of an Upper West Side tree.
@ her park :