Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ready to Polka

Back straight

good posture


the camera doesn’t lie.

Tripod: sisters each; all.

Caroline calls out

“Be your best self.”

Backs to the sun,

We know our mother’s teaching,

her gentlest urging

her kindest word

her most honest truth

her pushing hips

receiving seed

The farmer deep

in the fertile grasses

where Jesus walked

12 brothers bound

to the wisdom of their days;

the curled truths

of Jerusalem’s children.

Take off your shoes.

“Watch, the rocks can be slippery”

they caution

I walk

trout-rich stream

close to our harvest

water cress @

the mountain’s base.

Keystone state. [http://www.netstate.com/states/intro/pa_intro.htm]


In the bosom

Of their embrace

Every sister, woman, broad, floozy.

Among the posers.

the false positives

We do not know

the shame of privilege



We are

Mayfield’s daughters

Know our coal-mined


©2010 right_hook/julie holley