Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BKLYN @ the Times' Center [4 Real?]

Perhaps you've stumbled upon the television advertising campaign; or have encountered it @ some cinematic juncture on cable [no matter your 'provider'] but the New York Times has been pushing its 'brand'; arguable "quality" and "accuracy" since 2010.  A black turtle-necked -- be-spectacled "intellectual" looks into the camera and asserts : "The best journalists" work @ and write for the Times.  So convinced is he, the terms are tempting --- "free" for the the first four weeks.                                   Too pressed for time?  Then get the Weekender --- perfect for cafes receptive to long stretches of caffeinated [con]infusion.    As if The[ir] previous pretentiousness wasn't enough; now they assert [see above adhesive] :  "[We] put Brooklyn in the center of the conversation."   Question : What conversation?                  Drilling Down : http://www.nyguild.org/ny-times-news-details/items/the-best-journalists-in-the-world-deserve-a-fair-contract.html

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