Wednesday, December 8, 2010

sound with-held [Wesley Snipes ]

Jury duty, brought with it a multiple duty : to listen; to inquire; to sound the trumpet of justice.

Wesley Snipes' appearance on Larry King last night, no doubt, depressed a sector of his fan base.

Certainly, an instrument muted is no way to impress upon a civil society the non-negotiable of justice --- fairness.

Snipes' attorney laid out the facts. Snipes laid it @our feet.

If the claims and merits of Mr. Snipes' justice league [defense team] are legit [or, as we say in New York City : kosher] then the bars which are meant to punish and imprison him tomorrow [Thursday] will be incontrovertible evidence of our renewed will to imprison a man [father, husband, actor, global brand] undeserved of maximum sentencing @ the expense of fairness and empathy.

Snipes is scheduled to begin serving time for what amounts to a misdemeanor.

Snipes is only real through HDTV. I hope for a 5th dimension --- where the axes of his life freely emerge; rotating around freedom --- Hollywood star; strikingly handsome reality-enhancer ; seemingly kind, good, Bronx kid.

Let's look for that North Star.

Here, Mr. Snipes, look through my telescope --- can you see the Light? Believe.
Merry Hanukkah.
Happy XBOX.

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