Friday, August 22, 2008

High Holiday Dispatch

It is

on days like this,

I think of Spielman

And how he sounded the shofar

"You must have heard him."

I wrote to a friend,

in Boston.

I was boastful.


... To have been part of that


of life,

in Brooklyn.

On some Sabbaths.

I think:

"These people don't get it.

They don't realize,

how lucky they are,

to have such a place

as this

at the corner

of Garfield

and Eighth."

They are not grateful enough,

I maintain

in my mind.

... Caught up

in judgment.

What happens to us,

on days like this?

When we atone.

… When we reconcile

The arc of our triumphs

and pain

With that of our sorrow




had we

but remembered god.

What happens is

We get dressed up

And write a check

To discover

that God

doesn't deal

in bribes.

That as much as we can be bought,

The commerce of our souls

Is a different matter


We must,

if it matters

if we aren't

just dollars

and cents,

We must

become god.

.. . With our lips,

Around the instrument

Of our choosing.

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